This weekend the Town of Glenboro is hosting a special Christmas celebration to help local shops, artisans and vendors share their goods, but also to raise funds for local charities.

Coordinator, Sara Smith, is a registered massage therapist in the community and recognized an opportunity to bring the community together.  The building where Smith has her massage clinic had some open space available and she jumped at the idea of opening their doors to local vendors who don’t actually have a store front.

The idea grew and more buildings opened up for the 15 or so local artisans to share their products!

“We thought, ‘let’s get some local people who create jewelry, or sell baking, or things like that, and have them set up in one place and people can just filter through.  It brings the community together and brings these smalls businesses a little bit of business.”

The Saturday ‘market’ will be held in Glenboro from 3:00-5:00 pm, followed by the community Christmas parade.

“We just needed to bring the community together,” shares Smith.  “After the year we had, and almost the 2 years that we’ve had now, last Christmas was a bummer, many businesses couldn’t be open. I know we were really trying to support local, but I was thinking since this year we’re looking better, why don’t we try and bring people together and get our small businesses flowing.”

Participating vendors and businesses will be donating items to raise funds for local charities through a raffle.  “Everyone participating in the day have all donated an item, whether its something they sell, something they create or baked goods.  We’re putting multiple baskets together and then raffling tickets and all the proceeds from that will be donated to the Glenboro Christmas Cheer, or Sara’s Pantry in our community. We’ve got a couple of other local organizations as well.”

Smith adds the local Ag Society will be hosting a cake auction, and one can only imagine the fabulous Christmas creations that will be auctioned off!  “Everyone is so excited!” she adds.

The community parade will be starting at the Glenboro Community Hall at around 5:15 pm and will make its way through town.  Smith reminds all participants of the public health regulations of mask-wearing and social distancing on the floats, and spectators must remain in their vehicles or masked if standing by their vehicles.  All public regulations must be followed when in any public buildings.  

“Glenboro hasn’t had a Christmas parade in years now, as far as I can remember, and I just felt this year needed to be the year,” she shares. “If you enjoy Christmas and you want to enjoy a small town and what we have to offer then come and check it out!”