The Mather Community Hall Committee has receive $10,000.00 from the Westoba Credit Union’s Inspire Program to create a coffee shop area for the community.

The community hall is the main gathering point in Mather.

“This funding from Westoba gives us an amazing opportunity to create a space that everyone in the community can take advantage of,” said Kate Redpath, Mather Community Hall Board President.

“This is so much more than just a place to have coffee; This brings back our chance to gather with friends, a space everyone can feel they belong.”

The Mather Community Hall is the only remaining public gathering place in Mather since the converted church and General Store closed in 2019. The hall currently offers space to a wide range of public and private activities including art and summer youth programming, weddings, funerals, and other fundraising events.

Westoba Board Chair, Garnet McBurney says this project is a perfect fit for the Westoba Inspire program.

“Turning an unused area of an existing space that can be utilized by the entire community is exactly what Westoba Inspire program funding is intended for,” said McBurney.

“Not only does this create a community gathering space, it allows the Hall to grow and expand their services and revenue generating opportunities.”

The funding from Westoba Inspire will be used to convert the unused foyer/cloakroom space into a public coffee area including health regulation requirements, commercial coffee service, and comfortable seating. The front of the building will also have new windows added bringing light into the interior space and providing improved esthetics to the frontage of the building.

Applications to the Inspire program are reviewed bi-annually by the Community Investment Committee consisting of volunteer Westoba staff, board, and active members.

Sally Calcott, Committee member and Internal Loan Auditor at Westoba, says she is pleased that this project is moving ahead. “The Community Hall in Mather is an important piece of this community's infrastructure. More than just a building, the hall offers this entire area an opportunity to gather and to expand through inclusion.”

Construction of the space is expected to start soon with completion in the new year. The Hall Board plans to have the space fully functional in time for Mather’s Centennial in July 2022.

“We meet with our contractor this week to work out more details but we’ve already been told it could take up to eight weeks to order and get our windows. So it will take some time but we plan to have everything done in time for the centennial celebrations” said Kate Redpath.