Farmers have been faced with a number of challenges from trying to access crop inputs to parts and new equipment.

Jim Wood, chief sales and operations officer for Rocky Mountain Equipment says there's definitely still a shortage of some products when it comes to farm equipment.

"The manufacturers still have most dealer groups on allocation. You can only order so many and definitely the demand is there."

He thinks labor is an issue,  adding that hopefully, the manufacturers can get their manufacturing back online when it comes to production.

"You know, we're at the mercy of manufacturers when it comes to new availability,  pricing, and programs. Plus exchange because most of our stuff comes from the US."

Even good used equipment is a challenge to source right now,  with producers showing lots of interest in some of the older machinery at the farm auctions this spring.

Wood thinks we're still going to see some issues in 2023,  but he's hopeful it will level out in 2024.

"On a positive note, " he says, " it seems like parts are readily available from a supply chain issue. So that seems to be getting better."