Stan Struthers


The provincial government confirmed plans to launch insurance programs, similar to crop insurance, for hogs, cattle and bees as part of the throne speech kicking off the final session before next year's provincial election.

"A Manitoba farmer can buy insurance to cover his barn but he can't buy insurance to cover the hogs in the barn," says Stan Struthers, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives. "We're looking to find ways to work with hog producers to bring forward an option. We've been working with cattle producers to have a cattle insurance program. I think it really makes sense to offer insurance in terms of bee replacement."

He notes they're still in the early stages. "This is the throne speech so it puts everything in pretty general terms...we will be putting some more flesh to the bones. Obviously the next goal is to work toward a budget that puts dollars toward all of these programs."

The NDP also promised to allocate increased resources to solving drainage problems. The government says it will work on improving cooperation with federal and municipal governments to identify and address problem areas.

"I think this as a very good throne speech. It's a very positive, forward-looking throne speech and one that is meeting many of the goals that farmers have talked to me about," says Struthers.

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~ Wednesday, November 17, 2010 ~