The ALS Society of Manitoba is hosting their 'Walk to End ALS 2024' this Saturday at the Riverbank Discovery Center.

ALS is sometimes called Lou Gehrig's Disease, named after the famous baseball player with the New York Yankees who developed symptoms in 1939 that hampered his performance on the field by the undiagnosed ailment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).  He voluntarily took himself out of the lineup.  He retired from baseball in 1939 and died at the young age of 36 two years later.

Executive Director and Client Services Coordinator for the ALS Society of Manitoba, Diana Rasmussen, says ALS is a motor neuron disease, "and that means that it is rapidly progressive, fatal, neuro-muscular disease."

Rasmussen says ALS can strike anyone and neuroscientists say ALS is the most common cause of neurological death on an annual basis.  "And we're seeing more and more people being diagnosed in Manitoba, with ALS and Motor Neuron Disease so that there are over 400 people in Manitoba.  It's increasing all across the country as well."

Funds raised go towards resources and equipment, as well as to research studies in search of a cure.

The Manitoba ALS Society goal through the two Walk to End ALS 2024 is $165,000.  The Winnipeg Walk took place last week, and Brandon's is taking place this weekend, with a goal of $15,000.  Thus far, the Manitoba Society has raised just over $108,730 with the Manitoba 'Walk to End ALS 2024'.

Please listen to more with Diana Rasmussen below as she explains more on the research as to the causes and the pathways into treatment taking place now.

Walk to End ALS Brandon, Manitoba is being held at Riverbank Discovery Centre Saturday, June 8th.  The walk begins at 11:00 am, with registration beginning at 10:00 am. 

2024 Walk to End ALS - Manitoba : Brandon

For more information and to see the fundraising totals click HERE!