Last week the Cattlemen's Classic Golf Tournament drew 180 participants from across the province and parts of southeastern Saskatchewan to Killarney.

"It's a fundraiser for our association to help offset the cost of going to meetings. We have a lot of issues facing the cattle industry right now: traceability, government regulations, transport regulations that are changing, and we have to be there in person to represent the cattle industry, especially the marketing sector and somewhat the producers. It costs a lot of money to send people to Ottawa (and) Calgary on a regular basis to sit in on these meetings," said association member Rick Wright.

This event has been running annually for 20 years and began with 10 people, but this year there were around five new teams and organizers had to turn away seven groups because there were no remaining spots. Wright said the association hopes to raise $15,000 through the tournament alone.

"We're very pleased," Wright said. "It's 100 per cent successful all across."

He added that the event has most likely hit its threshold in terms of numbers, and he does not suspect that they will be able to expand in the near future.