Over the past few years members of the Boissevain Boots ‘n Bits have been performing a musical ride and this summer they’ll perform in front of their largest crowd ever. 

At the end of January, the club was told they would be the opening act before the RCMP Musical Ride in Killarney on August 8th. 

Co-leader Carleen Doerksen says the 21 members are extremely excited about the opportunity and can’t wait to perform in front of a large crowd this summer. “We got a call from the Shamrock Centre asking if we’d like to open for the musical ride and we’re looking forward to that.” 

“We’re planning already what we’re going to do with our routine and how to pair up the riding partners” said Doerksen. 

The Boots ‘n Bits added a musical ride component to their 4-H year and have performed at rally day in Boissevain over the past few years. 

“We’ve kept that up for a few years and we also performed in Killarney for Canada Day and for various other groups.” 

The Boissevain Boots ‘n Bits draws equestrian enthusiasts from several communities with club members coming from Boissevain, Killarney, Wawanesa and Goodlands area. 

“A big challenge for us will be extending our program that usually runs three to five minutes. The Musical Ride organizers want us to go anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes, so we need to find ways to expand our musical ride for August 8th. 

Carleen Doerksen says they’ll also spend more time practicing before rally day in June and the main show in Killarney in early August.