It's 110 years for 4H Canada to mentor youth and young adults in many areas of interests, including agriculture, home making, cooking, the arts and more. A new school season goes hand in hand with a new season of 4H programs, and a new experience for first time 4H-ers!

Executive Director for Manitoba 4H, Shannon Carvey, says one thing they're always on the watch for is volunteers, to help out in their very diverse program categories.  "We're always looking to have new members, and if there is anybody who is looking for a volunteer opportunity, we would most certainly be happy to match them up with a club in their area. We're always looking for people who know how to sew and cook and share their interests and talents with our club members."

Two notable events are taking place in November: November 1st 4H Manitoba will be hosting their Green Tie Gala at the Dome Building, and the Manitoba 4H groups will be joining in the national initiative, 'Show your 4H Colors'.

At the Green Tie Gala, the organizing committee is hoping folks will attend with signature pieces of green, if they have their green 4H tie, or if someone has a beautiful green dress, we're just wanting to have some fun with this!"

"With these two initiatives we're trying to spread more awareness about 4H and just be a little more visible in our communities," shares Carvey. "I think all of our 4H-ers and generational 4H-ers all know about the program. But I think there are lots of people who don't know we exist, because we do a very good job of promoting to our own 4H families."

"And also, there are those who were in 4H as kids and are all grown up and they don't realize that 4H is still alive and vibrant," she adds. "So, we are really wanting to share the message that we are still here. We are 110 years old and we're excited about the future!"

Funds raised at the Green Tie Gala will go towards a number of areas in the 4H programming including two of the more recent initiatives: Agri Career Quest and the Manitoba 4H Rally.

The Manitoba 4H Rally was held at the Keystone Centre in Brandon in mid-May, giving all 4H-ers opportunities to participate in beef and equine clinics, and workshops in food, art, archery, dog handling, roping, rope tying and woodworking. "Just about everything you can think of, we had a workshop for," adds Carvey.

Please listen to more with Executive Director for Manitoba 4H, Shannon Carvey, below!

"I think it's pretty exciting to be a youth development organization by experiential learning to have lasted the test of time," she adds.

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