Westoba Credit Union is celebrating 60 years by giving away $60,000.00 through Westoba Inspire!

To celebrate 60 years of success in business, Westoba Credit Union is showing their appreciation to their members and their communities, by giving away $60,000.00 through their Westoba Inspire program, the first $30,000 was granted in spring.

Now in the Fall season, another $30,000 will be allocated to communities they serve through their Inspire program.

"We are having an exciting year showing our appreciation to our members and our communities for 60 successful years of business,” said Jim Rediger, Westoba’s President, and CEO. “On top of the 700 hours of volunteer time our staff has given already this year, we are giving back $60,000.00. The Inspire program is a great opportunity for our communities to complete projects that will make a lasting impact in their areas, and I encourage organizations to apply.”

“This support helps build strong and independent communities, which is at the heart of the credit union difference,” said Rediger.

Applicants must be a non-profit, charitable, or community organization or have a charitable fiscal agent to act on their behalf. Applications are reviewed by Westoba’s Community Investment Committee which includes staff, member, and Board representation.

Successful applications are chosen based on their ability to align with Westoba’s goal to support community infrastructure.

HOW TO APPLY to Westoba Inspire Applications will be accepted through an online application form available September 1 – 30 at www.westoba.com

ABOUT WESTOBA INSPIRE Created in 2017, Westoba Inspire is the result of Westoba’s Community Investment Fund in partnership with the Brandon Area Community Foundation.

To be eligible for funding, applicants must be a non-profit charitable organization, support community infrastructure projects that are started locally or have a clear local impact; are inclusive and bring people together; are long-term or multi-functional; and promote staying, taking part, and engaging in an enriched community.

Please listen to more with President and CEO, Jim Rediger, as he shares more about the Inspire Program.

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