A new guide to help seniors find ready information in the Brandon region is now available to the public.

‘MY LITTLE BLUE BOOK, The Brandon’s Senior’s Guide,’ is a handy resource dedicated to help 55+ senior residents and their families to access services and products they may need.

Rob Lavin is the Executive Director for Brandon’s Seniors for Seniors.  He says the local initiative started just over a year ago when Brandon University students asked some questions as to what resources are available for the local aging community. 

From there, it became a collaborative effort between Age Friendly Brandon, the Prairie Oasis Senior Centre, and Brandon’s Senior for Seniors.

“It was actually Brandon University students who initially started it through the BN Program (Bachelor of Nursing) who had some local discussions with people and identified a niche or a need for this type of a guide,” explains Lavin.

“We realized there was quite a bit of information available here in Brandon and area but its in various locations,” he shares.  “So, first of all we wanted to make sure we had, kind of a centralized registry or guide.  Part of what’s included is information around health-care, some of the social programming that is available to seniors 55+ in Brandon, and more.”

The 77-page book starts with information on local Emergency Services; ambulance, fire and police contacts, as well as Help/Crisis Lines.

From home care, shopping services and meal programs to accessing help for house cleaning, moving, lawn care and snow removal, the guide covers a wide range of service contacts.  An entire section of the book speaks to Coping with Covid and the many challenges it brings, from self-care to mental health.

Lavin adds this is the first compilation of ready-resources and is expecting a second edition will be printed with updates, as they recognize not all relevant organizations or programs were included in the original draft, simply because they weren’t aware of them at the time of print. 

Free copies of ‘MY LITTLE BLUE BOOK, The Brandon’s Senior’s Guide,’ can be accessed through Seniors for Seniors Brandon or the Prairie Oasis Seniors Centre online or printed copies at their offices.  The books will also be available at area personal care homes, the Brandon Legion, ACC and Brandon University.

Lavin encourages anyone with suggestions, additions or corrections to email him at rlavin@brandons4s.ca or call his office at Brandon’s Seniors for Seniors at 204-571-2052.

Readers are encouraged to access this document, along with associated updates, through the partnering websites at:

Prairie Oasis Senior Centre www.prairieoasis.ca/

Seniors for Seniors Inc. www.brandons4s.ca

Age Friendly Brandon www.brandon.ca/agefriendly