This Friday, November 17th the Killarney Shamrocks will be hosting the Hartney Blues, but the players and the fans will be just as excited watching the mounting tension on the ice as they will be watching the mounting pot for Friday night's 50/50 raffle!

The Shamrocks invite all of Westman and beyond to the Shamrock Centre on Friday night as they raise funds for a local family who is struggling with a health/expenses challenge before them.

Thirty-year-old Cole Sylvester has a congenital heart disease and is waiting for a heart transplant.  Cole has undergone numerous procedures throughout his life, and now faces heart failure and is unable to work. 

So, the Shamrocks hockey team have taken to ramping up as much hype as possible for their Friday game's 50/50 draw with a hot start of $2,000 to get the pot started!

Shamrocks spokesman and fundraising committee member, Tanner Anderson, says Cole and his wife, Erica, and their 4 children are having a tough time of things right now while they wait for Cole's surgery.

"We were lucky to put up a guaranteed $2,000 for our 50/50 pot by Syngenta and Brian Archibault, to get the ball rolling and get as many people to come out and support that cause for this Killarney family," shares Anderson.  "This is a young family with 4 children, and it's definitely not easy for them having their dad not able to work."

Upcoming travel costs, hotel costs, and living expenses are added to basic living expenses while the family waits.

"Funds raised at this event will cover a bit variety of things that they'll need help with and what they're dealing with right now, while waiting to see if he can collect EI or ... disability ... or we don't know yet."

"I'm sure there is a lot of financial strain there," adds Anderson, "so if we can help alleviate some of that pressure there on them, that's obviously the goal."

"We want as many people as possible in the house to come and watch the game but to also fill the 50/50 pot!"

"It's called the 50/50 for a reason because whatever is raised is split in half and so we are trying to get as many people out and get that dollar amount as high as possible!  One lucky winner will win half and the other portion will go to this very deserving family here in town who could really use it."

Tanner Anderson invites everyone to come on out and watch a great game with Killarney Shamrock and the Hartney Blues, and to support a great cause in their community!

Game time 8:00 pm!

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