Brandon's Adult and Teen Challenge Super Thrift store has had great support from their patrons and with donated items.

"We've been very busy with donations, which is a very good problem to have," shares store manager, Avery Onyshko.  "Upstairs, where we take donations, its overflowing, but it's good in the big picture, and we're grateful for it."

Adult and Teen Challenge offer a 1-year program to women struggling with drug and alcohol addictions and mental health issues.

"It's a year-long intense program and it has intense results from it," explains Onyshko.  "The results are really great. It's a hard-core Christian discipleship program. Lives are changing, and girls are getting baptized.  Things are going good!"

Currently, there are close to a dozen participants in the program, and the 'students' work in the store as a part of their program.  The downtown Brandon store also employs about a half-dozen regular staff members.

Looking ahead to the winter months, the Super Thrift store has made plans to stretch their product line for lean months ahead.

"Donations definitely slow down in the winter months, just because we know our winters out here are cold and brutal and so many people don't want to be outside more than they have to be," shares Onyshko.  "Donations slow down for sure.  But, now we have storage units to fill up as well.  Summer donations have been so good that we're fortunate to be using that, and that will carry us through the winter time."

The Super Thrift Store will accept most household furniture/small appliances and more, except for used beds and bedframes, and large appliances.  Please contact the store if you're not sure.

 Visit their Facebook page for more on supporting Teen and Adult Challenge Brandon:

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