The Killarney Turtle Mountain Arts Council is thrilled to host their next exhibition at their Heritage Home for the Arts gallery.

The exhibition is sponsored by the Manitoba Arts Network and gives this description on artist, Kristy Janvier's work.

Titled, 'Weight We Carry', this exhibition 'contemplates healing and explores how we carry so much while gracefully dancing through the transition to motherhood - balancing it all in our day-to-day existence.'

"I'm really eager to see her work," shares Arts Administrator Giselle Beaupre. "It's very much a reflection about women and parts of her work are audio visual as well as pieces that have been painted.  That will be our exhibition for the month of May."

The Performing Arts Series wrapped up in March with Case Padgett entertaining his audience with his musical comedy, 6 GUITARS.

"He is an amazing musician and comedian," says Beaupre. "So, the whole show was on six different genres of music, and six different characters that he flipped in and out of throughout the show!  It was incredible! So that was a really great ending to our series," she adds.

Next up, is Music on the Porch starting up on May 25th with Mama Sol James with a folksy-country flair.   

Please listen to more of what's coming up with Giselle Beauprey below!

For more information on what's coming up at the Heritage Home for the Arts, visit their website HERE!