The International Peace Garden is waiting for warmer weather in anticipation of the planting season.  With frost still being an overnight threat, patience is the key.

"Actually, we might be in better shape coming out of this winter because winter wasn't as harsh this year," shares CEO Tim Chapman. "But the frost threat is usually done by the first week in June. Last year we were really fortunate to have a really good outlook, so we started at the end of May," he adds. "But it's always a little bit touch-and-go."

Saddler's Greenhouse is once again sourcing the flowers for the Peace Garden's many flower beds, with plants already arriving and being stored in the Garden's greenhouses until planting time. "They're doing another great job of growing the majority of the outdoor plants for us again this year," notes Chapman.

New to the flower beds will be the addition of story book boxes that resemble birdhouses!  This to coincide with their children's storybook themed flower beds.

Chapman says they're excited to see what the students have come up with and are making a trip to Boissevain School this week to check things out!

"We're just going to go up and see the kids and where things are at and talk to them about the impact that project is going to have, not just on Boissevain School and their families, but really all of the kids from all over the area who are going to see the boxes and experience that this summer."

Education & Volunteer Coordinator for the Peace Garden, Debra McCallum, has been instrumental with partnering the school with the Garden.  As well, she has reached out to local libraries to further spread the word of the children's theme around story books.

"Between general visitation and Deb lining up story hours with all the local libraries on Wednesdays this summer so many people are going to benefit from the support we're getting from the Boissevain School in building those out," he explains. "With this year's theme being so focused on reading Deb has found some great partners and the library loved the fact that the focus was on reading this year.  So, I don't think it was too hard of a sell to get them to come up and do some of their readings here."

"I'm just really proud that we were able to get a partnership like that going that not only helps the Peace Garden out, but it also gave those students some cool practical experience in their shop class," adds Chapman. 

"So, this has been really fun and different, and also very encouraging to know that we're starting to build some of those relationships that keep youth more involved and when certain things fit in with the curriculum, it's even better!"