The Westman Multicultural Festival has renewed energy after their stellar day of stage performances two weeks ago at the Riverbank Discovery Centre!

Nine different cultural groups shared music, song and dance depicting the customs of their countries. As well, seven food trucks sharing different cuisine also WOW'd the crowds, adding to the day of festivities!

However, what's coming up in February, will be an incredible 3-day event showcasing more countries and cultures throughout the entire city at the different pavilions. 

Yes, the Westman Multicultural Festival is coming back to Brandon!

Committee member, Dave Burgess, says it's so very important to bring this event back where the different groups can share their cultures, and the public can learn about their music, costumes, traditions and foods!

"We've got such a growing diversity in Brandon, as well as the entire population in the whole region of Westman, so coming to something like this, people really see this as a positive event!"

February 8-10, 2024, will feature a multitude of pavilions scattered throughout the city.  "I know for a fact there will be more than 9 different cultural groups," shares Burgess. "There are others that just couldn't put it together now in the summertime, but they will be involved in the wintertime.  So, it's nice to see us all get back together and put out venues for the public to attend."

Burgess says the February Multicultural Festival allows each cultural group to share their sights and sounds, music and food with their community in a significant way, embracing their unique culture in their own individual venue.  "Yes, that way they can showcase their own culture in one specific location, and be able to have hosting people, provide food and drinks, so it will end up being more of a festive type of atmosphere."

Many meetings with the different committees, and with the different culture representatives, have already come together to present the July 29th Summer Festival.  What's in store for the next 5-6 months will be to put the finishing touches on each of the pavilions for the February trip around the world!

The festival website has yet to be updated for the 2024 event, so stay tuned!  However, please visit their Facebook page and make a point of checking out their photo gallery of all the many pictures from past pavilions and years where the Westman Multicultural Festival celebrated their unique cultural community with their Westman community!

Click HERE for the Westman Multicultural Festival Facebook Page!