Assiniboine College is announcing a generous donation that has created an award to support a mother seeking a return to school, befitting today’s International Women’s Day with a theme: ‘Invest in women: Accelerate Progress”.

The award, The Shannon & Harry Peters Hand-Up Renewable Bursary, will cover the tuition and living costs so the student can focus on her studies and family without the worry of financial burden.

“Choosing to pursue higher education takes a great deal of courage, and that courage is amplified for parents who decide to embark on that journey,” said Dr. Deanna Rexe, VP Academic at Assiniboine. “The challenges of balancing financial and mental stress while pursuing a career can serve as a barrier for those wanting to return to school to acquire new skills and training to better support their family.”

Shannon Peters has had this on her mind since hearing an eloquent young woman being interviewed on the radio. She was speaking to the trials of raising a small child on her own while working and going to school. “

A particularly poignant moment for me came about as she mentioned how she would have loved to buy a bag of apples for her family but simply couldn’t afford them,” Shannon recalled. “Her story struck me as both heartbreaking and inspiring; being willing to sacrifice so much for the long-term gain. The feeling of wanting to help someone like that has stuck with me over the years.”

The fund Shannon has established for the Shannon & Harry Peters Hand-Up Bursary will help to cover the cost of returning to school for a mother in need.

“Our own children worked very hard to be successful in their chosen paths while appreciating assistance from their parents, grandparents and uncle and aunt,” Shannon said. “Now that they are settled into their lives, I find myself able to reach out and give a hand up to someone reminiscent of my radio muse, assisting a young single mom reach her goals. It’s a truly exciting time.”

“I was raised by single mother on welfare who went back to school and in the process changed her life and my life,” said Mark Frison, President, Assiniboine College. “Student financial assistance was critical to allowing her to do so and pay her bills. As such, I’m extremely moved by what Ms. Peters is doing for future Assiniboine students.”

For more information on this incredible opportunity, visit, click the “award search tool” button and search “Shannon & Harry Peters Hand-Up Bursary” under the award name field.