Assiniboine Community College is presenting Dori Gingera-Beauchemin with an honorary diploma in Agribusiness.

Gingera-Beauchemin is well-known for her career contributions to the agriculture industry—most notably in her role as the Deputy Minister of Agriculture. She retired as Deputy Minister on January 6 after a 43-year career in agriculture.

“Ms. Gingera Beauchemin’s contributions to agriculture at provincial and national levels over the course of her career have been tremendous,” said Assiniboine President, Mark Frison. “Dori has been a leader in the sector for decades. Her ability and tenacity to forge connections, inspire collaboration and advocate for the agriculture community have continued to move the agriculture industry forward. I am proud to have worked with her closely through the years—she is a most deserving recipient of this recognition.”

Gingera-Beauchemin graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture from the University of Manitoba in 1979. She joined Manitoba Agriculture after graduation, holding positions throughout her career including 4-H and Youth Specialist, Chief of the 4-H Program, Director of the Central Region, Director of the Marketing & Farm Business Management Branch, Assistant Deputy Minister of Agri-Food and Rural Development Division, and Assistant Deputy Minister of Policy and Agri-Environment Division. She was first introduced to 4-H as a child in McCreary, MB alongside her three sisters and her mother, who was a 4-H leader.

Remaining close to the 4-H community, Gingera-Beauchemin continued serving on various committees throughout her career. In 2007, she was elected as President for the Canadian 4-H Foundation.

“I am thrilled to receive an honorary diploma from Assiniboine Community College,” said GingeraBeauchemin. “During my many years with Manitoba Agriculture, Assiniboine was an excellent partner in our efforts to ensure Manitoba’s agriculture and food industries have the talent pool required to support the industry’s ambitious plans. I am confident Assiniboine will continue to innovate to meet the needs of our dynamic agriculture and protein sectors and look forward to seeing the fruits of their labour.”

Gingera-Beachuemin has received a number of awards owing to her commitment to leadership in the agricultural industry, including an Honourary Lifetime Member of Canadian 4-H Council.

"Dori and her colleagues were committed to advancing the sustainable development of Manitoba’s agricultural and food sector while supporting vibrant rural communities. The many programs and services offered by the department in support of farm and rural families, industry and communities aim at achieving a high quality of life through prosperous entrepreneurs and enterprises,” said Mona Cornock, a member of the Assiniboine Board of Governors.


Gingera-Beauchemin’s honorary diploma will be presented to her at the college’s Ag Partnership Breakfast held during Manitoba Ag Days on January 18.