Approximately 300-350 high school students from across the Westman Region will be participating in the 2nd annual Trades Summit hosted by Assiniboine Community College and the Construction Association of Rural Manitoba.

The Trades Summit takes place at ACC's Len Evans Centre for Trades and Technology at the North Hill Campus in Brandon on March 14th.

Dean of ACC's School of Trades, Kevin Poirer, says the trade summit allows students to participate in hands-on Try-a-Trade workshops that include carpentry, plumbing, electrical, heavy duty, automotive, roofing, science and more.

"it's just to pique their interest in the trades, just to know that trades are a viable option," shares Poirer. "Right now, in the industry there is a huge need for skilled labor, to the point where in the mandate letter that the Premier sent to the cabinet minister, they want to increase the skilled trades by 10,000 in the next 8 years. So, in order to do that we have got to be able to attract folks to the trades."

The housing crises is ongoing, "so there is a need for skilled trades people out there," he adds.

Students will range from grades 10-12 from all over southwestern Manitoba at the Trades Summit. 

ACC was shocked when registration opened to the one-day event, over 600 students responded within the first 2 days. This has inspired them to make it a 2-day event next year.

"We can only accommodate between 300-350 students, but we did make a commitment to those who didn't get in this year, that they will be able to get in next year," notes Poirer.  "However, another option is for students to do a Spend-A-Day at ACC if interested in the Trades!"

Please listen to more with Kevin Poirer below!

There will also be approximately 25 booths for the employer tradeshow, and students are encouraged to bring their resumes if they are interested in entry-level summer employment.  "Students that are attending pre-employment classes at ACC will spend some time with the employers, most of which are hiring for the summer," explains Poirer, "and all of our students have to complete a practicum so it's a win-win for all of our students."

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