Westman's Adult and Teen Challenge has completed the renovations in the lower level of their Super Thrift store in downtown Brandon and are now able to facilitate their new Community Outreach program.

"Yes, the construction is complete, and we have hired a full-time staff, and we are very excited to be offering the services that we can out of that location," shares Regional Community Office Director, Amy Marasco.

Marasco says there are 7 Community Outreach offices across Manitoba, Brandon being the newest addition.  

"Basically, what our Community Outreach Offices do is they are the first point of contact for anyone in the community, and surrounding communities, who are struggling with a life-controlling issue or addiction," she says, "or even family members and loved ones of those who are struggling."

"So, any information anyone would like to know about Adult and Teen Challenge, and any insights they need as to what to do with their loved one, or if they're struggling themselves, can reach out either in person or by phone to that community office," adds Marasco. "They would love to do an assessment and then help find out exactly what we need to do to start helping."

"We have the opportunity to reach more people now.  We were only reaching a certain amount of people through our long-term program, and we wanted to help more," she says. "So many people need support and so this is a way that we can do that."

"It's really exciting that we have one locally now in Brandon, so we are available now in that area for anyone who needs help."

Adult & Teen Challenge Super Thrift Brandon link to their website: https://www.loc8nearme.com/manitoba/brandon/adult-and-teen-challenge-super-thrift-brandon/6853790/


Please listen to more of the interview with Amy Marasco below.

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