Enrollment numbers at the University of Manitoba's Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences are in line with last year.

"Enrollment is pretty steady with where it was last year. Degree programs are up a bit from last year and the diploma program is down a bit," says associate dean Dr. Merv Pritchard.

Around 80 students entered the diploma program this year.. Between 95 and 100 students are enrolled in each year of the degree program.

Pritchard notes changes are on the horizon regarding the University's first year program, known as University One or U1. Right now, students entering the ag degree program must first go through U1. By 2012, students with a certain academic standing in high school may no longer be required to enroll in U1.

Meanwhile, Pritchard says the faculty continues with efforts to educate potential students about the opportunities available in agriculture. He explains the faculty participates in many outreach programs, mainly through their community liason officer and the student ambassador program, which sees senior students visiting high schools throughout the province. "There are a lot of misconceptions about the kind of programming that we have here and most students don't realize the breadth of the career opportunities," he says.