The Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum at McGill Field at the Brandon Municipal Airport had a great summer with a return of visitors, as well as classrooms during September, to tour through their extensive museum.

"Things have really turned around," shares Museum Director, Stephen Hayter. "We're not finished with Covid but we've seen a dramatic change in the number of people visiting the museum.  We've also been very fortunate that the schools have returned for school tours.  I think everyone is a little starved to get out into the public and enjoying what southwest Manitoba has to offer."

The museum started a few initiatives this summer, the most note-worthy was the celebration of Armed Forces Day in June, "to recognize our Armed Forces," notes Hayter.  "That was a great opportunity to welcome people through our doors!"

Hayter says they're excited to continue the momentum created through these new initiatives for next summer as the public responded well.  "Every year there is an Armed Forces Day to celebrate the contribution of our Armed Forces and we're a great spot for that," he adds.

The museum has taken steps to further their educational reach, through their own incentives.

"We have an education committee that started a pilot program to get information on the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum into the schools and provide the teachers with a kit so they can prepare their students," explains Hayter. "That has been very well accepted by the teachers, and we're actually hoping to get the involvement of the Brandon University teacher program and let teachers know what we have available to help augment the things that they're teaching in schools today."

Starting Saturday, October 1st, 2022 the Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum will switch to its winter hours, open seven days a week from 1pm to 4pm.