The Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM) provided an update on how Manitoba’s provincial parties are faring in response to the policy priorities outlined by Manitoba’s municipalities for the 2023 provincial election Wednesday morning at the Keystone Centre in Brandon.

"It was great," says Scott Phillips, Councillor for the RM of Sifton, "there must have been 50 people here!"

"We've got great leadership with the AMM and great city leaders," he adds. "It's just great to work together and see each other and talk and networks and see what's new and going on, and how are things with this program and that project.  If we don't get together it doesn't work, we have to get together, show respect, show appearance." 

The partnership between the AMM and what's taking place at the Manitoba Legislature is very important, notes Phillips.  "You can't put it into words, the need for the teamwork and the transparency.  If you don't have it the ship doesn't row.  You have to have everyone on board from your community hall groups, to your vet clinics to your local councils, to the MLA's to the AMM to the Provincial and Federal governments. You all have got to work together, or it doesn't work."

Please listen to more with the conversation with Scott Phillips below.

Manitoba Municipalities’ Four Priorities for 2023:

Fair and Predictable Municipal Funding

  • Work with municipalities to establish a simplified, predictable funding model with an annual escalator;
  • Rebate the PST paid by municipalities, similarly to the federal GST rebate;
  • Streamline existing tax tools and grant greater flexibility and financial autonomy to municipal governments.

Invest in Core Infrastructure

  • Increase Manitoba Water Services Board funding for water and wastewater infrastructure, and commit to a permanent federal and provincial infrastructure fund;
  • Amend Bill 37 to enshrine the primacy of elected municipal councils over the unelected Municipal Board;
  • Improve coordination between economic development offices and agencies for efficiencies, synergies and responsiveness to municipal economic development needs;
  • Comprehensive rural broadband and cell service as essential infrastructure for economic growth, public safety, education, and health care.

Invest in People

  • Accelerate a comprehensive provincial strategy to recruit health care professionals and paramedics throughout Manitoba;
  • Implement recommendations from the Immigration Advisory Committee to increase regional settlement incentives for foreign-trained doctors and other professionals;
  • Training opportunities for licensed professionals closer to home;
  • Care closer to home – a plan to keep paramedics, doctors and other health professionals working in all our regions.

Public Safety

  • Press the federal government for bail and conditional release reform;
  • Refuse downloading of policing reform costs;
  • Predictable police resourcing and flexibility to move certain enforcement and social service functions from police to separate provincially-funded authorities;
  • Increase police funding to combat crime and drug trafficking;
  • Expand municipal Community Safety and Well-Being plans.


About AMM

The Association of Manitoba Municipalities is comprised of the mayors, reeves, and councillors that represent all of Manitoba’s 137 municipalities. Our mission is to identify and address the needs and concerns of our members to achieve strong and effective municipal government – the order of government closest to the people.

(Photo below:  Members of the AMM)

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