The Westman Animal Rescue is based out of Boissevain and during Streetfest the volunteers managed to raise over $1,000.

Workers spent a portion of last Saturday serving up food at a BBQ luncheon.

Rhonda Kleebaum is a volunteer and was just happy they could get out and do a fund raising event.

“We’re were raising money to help pay for the care and welfare of all the animals we have in our care or custody however you look at it. This allows us to do what we have to do to make sure we can get them adopted.”

Kleebaum says that means getting the vetted and completely healthy before they can go anywhere.

“We appreciate the support especially the Co-op for sponsoring the BBQ because we couldn’t have done it without them” said Kleebaum.

Westman Animal Rescue has continued with their work throughout the pandemic and now the group is doing more community awareness and fund raising to help cover their costs and to find people to foster the cats and dogs.

“We can have more than a dozen animals at any given time. I foresee a problem coming up shortly with more cats and kittens and it’s very unfortunate” said Rhonda Kleebaum.

Anyone interested in fostering animals is encouraged to contact any members of the Westman Animal Rescue.