These are busy times for staff and volunteers with animal rescues.

Westman Animal Rescue is a small non-profit rescue group in the Westman area covering Hartney, Deloraine, Boissevain, Killarney and most of Southwestern Manitoba.

Director Rhonda Kleebaum of Boissevain calls it a sad situation right now. “It’s really hard right now because we re desperately short of fosters to take cats and dogs. There’s a lot of animals people are wanting relinquish and cats are always an ongoing problem.”

“People don’t spay or neuter cats and then they let them out and we end up with litters and litters of cats.”

Kleebaum says the problem is worse than ever right now. She adds maybe not for the cats but it is for the dogs and puppies.

“I had two people call yesterday wanting to surrender their dogs and we’re not talking young dogs. A lot of the dogs people want to surrender right now they got during the pandemic. When things change they don’t have as much free time and everything is going up in price and they don’t have as much money. Unfortunately one of the first thing to go is the pet.”

Westman Animal Rescue is a small group of dedicated animal lovers and aim to help as many animals and families as they can. They rely on donations to keep running and hold fundraisers from time to time.

The group has nine cats and hasn’t been able to take in any more because of the lack of fosters.

“Anyone who wants to foster there isn’t any financial responsibility. We look after all the vetting and all the supplies that’s our responsibility. What they need to give is their time, care, love and respect for the animals. Being able to let go isn’t always easy but I’ve had to do it a number of times.”

People are allowed to purchase toys for their animals if they wish.