The flyers are in the mail for this year's Donor's Choice for the Killarney area, a focus for many communities now in the month of April. The 2024 list includes a wide variety of local organizations, as well as larger provincial organizations such as Cancer Care, and STARS Air Ambulance.

Committee Chair, Johanna Friesen, says the Donor's Choice is the most efficient and effective way for residents to donate to their favorite charities through the convenience of one payment, and thereby receiving one tax-deductible receipt for all.

Friesen says their committee stems from local residents who represent the different groups.

"Our committee is made up of volunteers from all of the different organizations that are represented through the Donor's Choice campaign," she saysn. "And we are so very pleased to be highlighting so many local organizations that are working hard to make Killarney and area a thriving community."

"And so, April is the time in the year where we can give a shot in the arm to the different organizations to make you aware of their presence as well as give you an opportunity to support them through your donation," she adds. 

New to the list this year is the ALS Society of Manitoba (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis which is a nervous system disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord).  You will also find local Killarney museums, the hospital, Killarney Foundation, and many more.  Please see the entire list below.

Please listen to more with Johanna Friesen below!

Donations can be mailed through the postal service by mailing to Donor's Choice Killarney Area, Box 897 Killarney, ROK IGO.  There are also drop boxes available at the Killarney-Turtle Mountain Municipal Office and Westoba Credit Union Killarney. 

Etransfer is also available by using the email address:

Please be sure to specify which charities and the allocation of dollar amounts to each charity on your donation slip.