Canadians who are wanting to venture across the line to visit the International Peace Garden are facing some challenges along the way.  The ArriveCAN App has been a bit tricky for some folks to navigate through.

Peace Garden CEO, Tim Chapman says they're making themselves available to anyone who is needing help with the App, both visitors to the Garden, but also to those who want to visit but aren't sure how it works, or if they've done it right.

"It's definitely still a challenge," shares Chapman.  "Things have gotten a lot better but at the same time we're finding that there are visitors who don't know how the ArriveCAN works, so we're really trying to make an effort to reaching out to people.  We'll have more stuff going up on our social media and website about how the App works and what people need when they visit the Garden."

"It's simple once you get it done but for some it can be challenging if they're not as used to using smart phones," he adds.  "So, we understand that and we're hoping to do as much as we can to help folks to get their info into the App so they can enjoy their visit to the Garden.  It's a special year, it's our 90th and we can have more Canadians back in and we want to celebrate with everyone who can come down."

For the most updated information, the Peace Garden staff has been trying to stay on top of the ongoing changes to better help their visitors.

"The App and the information about the App hasn't always been updated and relayed as quickly as we'd like in our location, So, we just try and keep an eye on everything and encourage people to fill it out if they want to visit the Garden."

"It's important to remember that Canadian Border Services is doing their job to the best of their ability too, and we really have great border services here at the Boissevain port.  We just want to do everything we can to make the process for them easier as well.

"Call the Garden and if you happen to come down and you don't think you entered it the wrong way, come down to the office and we'll help you figure it out!"

Visit COVID-19: Use ArriveCAN to enter Canada - for more information.