Youth interested in the arts might want to take part in one of the programs being offered by the Boissevain-Morton Arts Council.

Summer Art camp is back. Organizers are offering two sessions every Friday (one morning 9am-12pm, one afternoon 1-4pm). Each session is $25 and participants can sign up for 1 or all 8.

“Every Friday we have classes for kids between the ages of seven and up and that’s usually to around 13 year olds. You can head to our website for more information on the programs or to register” said Arts Council President Lisa Heide.

“We’re going to be doing drawing, painting, making art out of bean mosaics and each week has it’s own set of projects.”

Interest has been slow and Heide hopes more youth sign up as the weeks go by. July 8th is the first session and that is sketching.

“Things have been a bit slow and I thinks that’s because as soon as school ended a lot of of families took over for holidays so hopefully as the summer moves on we’ll get more youth signing up.”

All the projects start at the Arts Hall. Lisa Heide says people may notice kids walking around town with art supplies and that will be the youth involved in the arts camp program.