The Killarney-Turtle Mountain Arts Council is trying to plan for 2022 and would like to hear what area patrons have to say about what should be offered through the Arts Centre.

Coming of a challenging 2021 the Arts Council is hoping to expand programming and offer as much as possible, depending public health orders and what’s happening with Cvoid.

“We’re starting a new year and I know people are a little bit hesitant about coming out and doing things because of the new variant” said Arts Administrator Jane Ireland.

“We’re trying to figure out how we can best service the community. What workshops are folks interested in, What kind of exhibitions do they want to see and what kind of music do they like to listen to. We’ll try to do our best and it all depends on things whether or not it’s live or online and we’ve done that for awhile and it has been successful.”

The Arts Council has been offering virtual programming over the past number of months and Ireland says it has worked out pretty good but they still want to hear from patrons.

“We were fortunate to get funding to purchase recording equipment so now we’re hoping we can more online workshops so we can stretch far and wide and it will be better quality than just using Zoom.”

The Killarney-Turtle Mountain Arts Council is open to ideas anytime and you can email them or call 431-734-0394.

“We have to work a year in advance for some exhibitions because they fill up pretty quick.