Earlier this week the Province of Manitoba announced they were committing $100 million over three years to create the new Arts, Culture and Sport in Community Fund (ACSC Fund), this being part of Budget 2022, Recover Together: Strengthen, Invest, Build.

This fund will bring $34 Million to support community initiatives in these areas across the province over the next year.

Jane Ireland is the Arts Administrator for the Heritage Home for the Arts in Killarney.  She says the Killarney-Turtle Mountain Arts Council is looking forward to getting in on some of this funding, to help fund some of the collaborative efforts they've been already discussing with fellow community stakeholders.

"It's kind of nice to see this for all of us, and something where we can all have access to," shares Ireland, "and all work together maybe, and just make it a bit more special and a bit more unique!"

The ACSC Fund will include three programs, with funding guidelines varying among each of the programs to address different needs and provide support to a broad range of applicant’s eligible projects that will meet one or more of the programs priority areas: 

  • capital projects – organizations will be able to apply for up to $5 million, on a 50-50 cost-sharing basis, for large projects that support the development and renewal of spaces and facilities used for arts, culture, and sport programming and activities; 

  • community celebrations – events, festivals and celebrations, both one-time and recurring, that promote cultural exchanges and are rooted in inclusion and belonging can receive full funding up to $5,000; and 

  • small capital and special initiatives – projects in this stream can receive between 50 and 100 per cent of eligible expenses, depending on the project’s overall cost and will support initiatives such as organizational development opportunities, training, technology, volunteer and equipment development through initiatives that will enhance the organization’s ability to increase participation and engagement in arts, culture or sport programming. 

Applications for this year’s intake will open Aug. 16. 

For more details on program criteria including application information, visit the Arts, Culture and Sport in Community Fund website, at www.manitoba.ca/acsc

Please listen to the entire interview with Jane Ireland and CJRB's Barry Lamb below: