The Boissevain-Morton Arts Council got some good news this week and that was a grant was awarded so they could do roofing work on their Arts Hall.

The Boissevain-Morton Arts Council (BMAC) was founded in 1990. The initial purpose of BMAC was to develop the outdoor murals in Boissevain and promote tourism for the community. In fall of 2016 a group of interested citizens met to discuss revitalizing the BMAC with a broader, more encompassing mission.

The Arts Hall is home to various programs offered by the group.

The aging facility needs new shingles and that prompted the group to apply for a grant. This past week they were awarded $25,000 through the province’s Arts, Culture and Sport in Community Fund.

Committee member Casey Guenther welcomes the support. “This is huge for us because we’re a non-profit and the roof definitely need some work and these funds will allow us the re-shingle the whole thing.”

Guenther says there isn’t any significant damage because of the old shingles but it’s time to replace them. “We have asphalt shingles and that’s what we’ll put on there again.”


The work is expected to take place this summer.