The spring cattle run at Killarney Auction Mart is one week away from coming to an end.

Owner Allan Munroe says the past few months have been busy but productive with lots pf cattle going through the ring and most times generating pretty good prices.

“We’ve been busier than expected. Everyone in the industry thought the calves would be sold by early March but we had 520 feeder cattle here for last Monday’s sale. Unfortunately we’re seeing a lot of butcher cattle coming through because these storms have taken a toll on calf losses and the result in we’re a little busier in that department.”

Munroe says when it comes to prices they’ve just gotten stronger. “You know the cows have gotten stronger and bulls are bringing good money and the top end feeder cattle are bringing really good money.”

“We’re going to have grass growing for hay and pastures but they do need more heat” said Allan Munroe.

Killarney Auction Mart’s last sale of the spring run is set for June 13th.

“That sale is open to all classes of cattle. Check us out on our website and we look forward to another good sale next week.”