Its been feeling like winter outside, but greenhouses and nurseries have been busy preparing for spring garden planting. 

Owner of Sadler’s Creekside Greenhouse in Souris, Crystal Page, says the cooler weather has delayed opening only a few weeks. 

“It hasn’t affected our growing season at all. Things are running along smoothly,” explains Page, “and it hasn’t really slowed us down other than the odd employee not being able to make it in because of the roads. But we have delayed our opening a little bit. Normally, we would have been open already but we won’t be opening until the beginning of May.” 

In a typical year, gardeners would keep their newly purchased plants in their garages or houses waiting for planting day. Many keep their eye on May-long weekend as the tried-and-true day to get the plants and seeds in the ground! However, this year that too, may be delayed due to the cooler temperatures both outside and in the soil. 

“Temperatures are supposed to be warming up though, so hopefully it will kick spring into full gear here, right away soon!” she adds.

Sadler’s Creekside Greenhouse will open their second location in Boissevain, hopefully next week, for Mother’s Day, as long as the weather cooperates. Double digit temperatures are preferable! 

“There are always those varieties that are a little bit touchier than others, but we have back-up plans for everything. When you’re a greenhouse operator, you have to have plan A, B, C and D. So, we’re prepared for everything,” she says. 

Page adds Mother’s Day is one of their most special and busiest times in the season. Their Souris location is already open and enjoying the balmy conditions inside. The opening day for their Boissevain location at the Red Coat parking lot, however, is still to be determined. 

“We’re going to take it day by day, but our tentative day for opening there is right before Mother’s Day, next week,” she adds.