The Cerebral Palsy Stationary Bike Race brought in over $46,000 to the Westman Region this past weekend, with 15 teams taking their support to peddling down at the Keystone Centre.

"It was our 30th annual bike race in Brandon and it was a fabulous day," says David Kron, executive Director of the Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba. "We raised over $46,000 and more money is trickling in so it will be more money than that!"

The Brandon event takes place to raise funds for all the people and their families who have cerebral palsy in the Westman Region.  "So, all the money that's raised in the area stays in the area," adds Kron.  "It's for those individuals who need support."

Funds raised go towards equipment and additions needed for home care and mobility, such as wheelchairs and bicycles. 

Please listen to more with David Kron as he shares more on how the Westman Stationary Bike Race helps to support Westman families with the challenges of cerebral palsy below!

Cerebral Palsy is a condition where a child experiences a lack of oxygen, either in the womb or at birth resulting in brain damage.  "So, the signal to move your muscles or pull your muscles isn't generated," explains Kron. "All the wiring is there, but it doesn't connect. It doesn't get worse over time, but the condition can be very complex."

The Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba celebrates 50 years this year of supporting our CP families across our province, and the Winnipeg version of the Westman Stationary Bike Race is celebrating their 35th anniversary this year!