The mayor of Melita is seeking a third term as head of council for the town.

Bill Holden says he still enjoys the work and feels there are a lot of projects still to be completed and he wants to be part of moving the community forward over the next four years.

“I was sitting on the fence and wasn’t sure but I made up my mind the other day to run. We’ve been working with communities around us to make sure we can get health care back on track. People always say infrastructure is the big issue but for me it’s health care.”

“I’m going to run again and try to carry on with the RHA and do our best to bring stable and sustainable health care to Melita and the surrounding region.”

Nominations will be received until the end of the business day on Tuesday, September 20th. Each municipal office has different hours of operation. you can find out details by visiting their website or phoning their office.

Initial dates for drop off included Monday, September 19th.

Bill Holden says it’s tough to commit to another four year term. “That’s something we’ve been working with AMM about is getting back to three year terms. I think more people would step forward if council terms were three years because four years is a long time to commit to” said Holden.