2022 was the fifth year Brandon University (BU)hosted the fund raising golf tournament called the BIRT Cup.

Teams gathered July 8th in Brandon and raised a record amount of money for student athletes and several community projects in Western Manitoba.

Tyler Crayston is athlete services and events coordinator with the BU Bobcats.

“We started out supporting a smaller number of groups but have expanded how many projects are provided financial support each year. The 2022 event is supporting Bobcat student-athletes; the Brandon Curling Club's youth program; Dauphin's Toboggan Run; Rivers Baseball Association; Western Manitoba Cancer Centre and Youth for Christ (homelessness).”

Organizers put a call out for applications every year and the number of organizations looking for support continues to grow.

“This year’s total knocked my socks off when we got to the final financial run down. We reached $74,000. When we took this over we really didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into. The first summer we raised $29,000 and then to $42,000 and $46,000 and last year we raised $63,000 and we thought that was setting the pretty high” said Crayston.


“We thought that figure wasn’t attainable but I believe we can even pass that goal in the future.”


Tyler Crayston thinks the BIRT Cup’s success has to do with spreading the money around the Westman region. The major of the funds go to the Bobcat’s BIRT Cup scholarship fund. “We want our athletes to have success on and off the court. What makes it appealing to everyone is that each year we switch things up and support various groups and communities and help four or five different causes.”

Over $257,000 has been raised for various community causes since the Bobcats took over the BIRT Cup in 2018.