The Boissevain Morton Whitewater Growing Project has been around for a number of years and it involves farmers, agri-retailers and supporters of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

This year’s growing project will start with an information night and fund raising event on Sunday May 15th.

After a long and cold winter the BMW growing project is gearing up for another season. Join them to find out what’s going in the ground this year and get the scoop on some fun new things on the go for 2022.

Jill Tripp is a volunteer with the BMW committee and she’s excited about this year’s crop. “We have a 300 acre field close to Fairfax and this year we will plant canola. Hopefully the field dry up and we can get out there.”

“We’ll meet Sunday night at the MB Church in Boissevain and there will be information, some music and a time to visit with other people.”

Tripp says the fact they are seeding canola doesn’t put them in as much of a time crunch.

“Prices are looking good and we’re looking forward to a good year and a good crop. We’ll have lots of information including an update on our project and also form Gordon Janzen with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank” said Jill Tripp.