The school year is slowly drawing to a close and the Chair of the Southwest Horizon School Division says it has been quite a year.

Across the province Grade 12 students will be taking part in graduation ceremonies which will look a lot more like a traditional grad than we’ve seen over the past couple of years.

Cheryl Rushing says ceremonies are getting back to normal. “I think so far from what I’m hearing through the kids and I have a graduate of my own and from other students and staff I’m hearing things are pretty much back to normal or close to normal and kids are planning for graduations like they are used to enjoying.”

Looking back on the past school year Rushing says it has been a lot better than a few of the previous years. “I’ve said it before and our kids are resilient and our teaching and support staff is just outstanding and they’ve done a wonderful job. Everyone found their stride and is looking forward to the end of the year.”

Cheryl Rushing notes the weather was the big story for the past school year.

“Most certainly and I think for most staff they can’t in recent memory remember a year with so many days missed due to the weather. We take it as it comes and I hate to say it but it’s what we kind of expect here in Manitoba. You take it as it comes and work through it the best you can.”