The Province of Manitoba in late April launched an education action plan setting out a path to implement recommendations from the K to 12 commission on education.

Response has been for the most favourable.

Garth Nichol is a long time trustees and Chair of the Turtle Mountain School Division board. “I think they are a little more on task this time around. A lot of the things in this plan came out of the review so I think it’s a step in the right direction but everyone is a little leery after Bill 64.”

The action plan is focused on ensuring access to high-quality, equitable education, preparing students for their future, supporting excellence in teaching and leadership, and strengthening the public education system in Manitoba.

“This is the frame work and a lot of the schools are already doing this work or trying to do it. The big piece that always becomes the issue is the funding and the funding review is still in the works. That’s the biggest hurdle and probably will be the hardest one to work out.”

Garth Nichol is pleased the province didn’t tamper with school boards and the governance model.

“We worked through covid really well and money wise we weren’t that bad off while many divisions were really short and needing to ask for extra money. Some of the smaller divisions are in much better shape than some of the larger ones.”

“I think we’re in a good place” said Garth Nichol.