Planning for the Boissevain and Area 4H Rally is well on its way with the clubs from across the southwest region working together for the early June event. 

Melissa Dalby is leader of the Boissevain Boots and Bits and is heading up the horsemanship program for June 3rd Rally Day. 

Dalby says this year’s event will showcase horse handling skills from about a half-dozen clubs, giving the audience, and the riders themselves, a unique experience. 

"At 12:45, each horse club, coming from different areas, will be putting on a music ride at the arena,” she explains. “Each club will be putting on a musical ride about 3 to 5 minutes long. They will be putting on a program that they’ve been practicing at home with the horses and the riders, kind of like a mini-musical ride that the RCMP have done.” 

Dalby says there is quite a bit of work that goes into putting on a musical ride, but the benefits outweigh the effort. 

“The kids work really hard but they really enjoy having something to work towards, and having music to go with it,” she notes. “I find practicing that, the musical ride, helps their horsemanship skills the most and gives them the most fun doing it!” 

“The kids are so excited,” adds Dalby. “We're very excited to have the rally return. We have so many people on board that support it!” 

The day starts at 8:30 am at the Boissevain fairgrounds. Horsemanship clinics, Home and Hobby events and cattle raising workshops will take place on the fairgrounds and in the arena during the day. 

The annual parade begins at 12:15 noon, and winds its way through the town of Boissevain for about a half hour, followed by the musical ride. After that is their awards program, where 4H members are recognized for their accomplishments in the program. 

The Boissevan and Area 4H Rally includes many clubs from across the Westman Region, from as far west as south of Virden, to Glenboro and Belmont to the east, and north to the Brandon area.