Work is expected to start over the next week or two on some improvements to the clubhouse at the Boissevain golf course.

The club’s executive plans to spend about $12,000 upgrading Coxy’s Corner and the patio area off the north side of the clubhouse.

President Dan Phillips looks forward to the improvements and what it will mean for the course and the members. “We’re putting new carpet into Coxy’s Corner and that room really needs some tender loving care because it has beautiful windows all the way around. The foundation provided a grant to put a new patio in and hopefully we can get some patio doors to go from the room onto the patio and that will really open things up.”

The golf club also plans to approach the arts group about doing a mural on one of the inside walls.

‘We’re going with a decking material that’s available at the CO-OP and it has a 25 year guarantee. We were thinking about going with concrete but I don’t think it really fits the décor and the theme of the golf course. The decking will be much better and another group has glass panels and they’ll give us enough to do half the paneling needed to go around as a railing. There’s also lighting under those glass panels as well.”

Phillips says the new deck will be about 50 per cent larger than the existing one.

The cost of the outside patio is expected to run around $10,000 and the carpet will be about $1,500. The group is using a $9,500 grant from the Boissevain-Morton Foundation to help cover the cost of the project.

“We still have to do some fund raising for the doors and we’d like to get a better air conditioner for the room but that’s another project” said Dan Phillips.