The Boissevain-Morton Farmer's Market is starting up today (Friday, July 14th) for the season!

Organizer, Tara Scheirlinck, says unfortunately, there won't be a noon meal this week, but next week will be the official launch of Friday lunch at Romance of the Railway Park.

However, patrons will have some extra participants in today's Farmer's Market, with the Willow Creek colony bringing baked goods and some garden produce.

"The vendor interest is pretty good this year," shares Scheirlinck.  "We are hoping to line up some entertainment later in the season, if it works out.  The honey won't be available until August but as soon as it is available the table will be there

Today's Farmer's Market will be available from 1:00-3:30 pm.

Again, a reminder there will be no noon meal so we need to mark July 22 on our calendars for lunch at Romance of the Railway Park in Boissevain from 12-1:30pm!  The Farmer's Markets will be set up until 3:30pm each Friday throughout the rest of the summer months.