A longtime Boissevain-Morton resident Bob McCallum wants people to know telephone scammers remain active in the area.

For the past number of months RCMP have been warning people to watch out for telephone/email and texting scams.

This past Wednesday afternoon McCallum said his phone rang and caller I-D said it was a long-distance call. He says they normally don’t answer this type of call but this time he did. “This person said hi grandpa and I said hi how are you? The caller said well grandpa I’ve been in an accident at the intersection and the police came and arrested me.”


“I said that’s too bad, and we talked a bit more and I asked him a few questions and finally my temper go to me, and I told him what I thought of the call, and he was gone.”


Bob McCallum wants to warn people in the area that the scammers are around with the grandpa and grandma scam. Following the call he called police about the incident. Call police or 911 immediately if you get this kind of phone call or someone shows up at your residence to collect money.

“Be careful of how people approach you. This call was straight forward because when he said hi grandpa, I knew it wasn’t any of our three grandsons. Basically, it was straight forward and wasn’t too hard to identify,” said Bob McCallum.