The Boissevain Lions' Club picked up a $25,000 dollar grant through the Boissevain-Morton Foundation to help construct new washroom and shower facilities at Boissevain campground.

"With the expansion of the pool they needed more washrooms and shower facilities," explains local Lions' Club President, Doug Robertson. "It's always been a Lions' campground, so it is nice that the Lions are going to be involved in getting some funds to finish that project off there,"

The swimming capacity of the new swimming pool is to hold approximately 330 people, up from the old pool's capacity of 196 swimmers. "And our campground is expanding by about 16 more sites, so between the two expansions we had to have more showers and more bathrooms."

"We had hoped they would let us get into [construction of the new washroom facilities] gently so we could do it over time, but it turns out it has to be done all at once and that's where the Lions' come to apply for this grant," adds Robertson.

This washroom expansion project is to come at a cost of approximately $100,000.  "Every little bit helps," he says.  "If we can get some money from the Foundation then we can certainly do some fundraising on our own."  He notes there are some funds in reserve for upcoming projects or upkeep costs.

"With our meat drives every Friday night at the Home Hotel we certainly have had some funds added to it over the last few years, and that money has been designated for the campground also."

Seeing the Boissevain-Morton Foundation support community projects financially just makes the community that much stronger.  "It is a wonderful revenue source to have and i think we owe something to the forefathers of our town that thought of this and set it up and have kept it running smoothly all these years.  It's a big benefit to the local town and entire community," shares Roberton.