A number of Westman communities are encouraging citizens to get active and to record their minutes of activity as part of a national fitness contest.

ParticipAction’s Community Challenge started June 1st and will end June 30th.

People can download the app and give their community a chance to win $100,000 to put towards recreation in their home town.

Boissevain-Morton’s director of parks and recreation Wendy Giesbrecht says her department has lined up a month filled with a program that features lots of activities to get people moving. “It’s part of the national contest and it’s all based on activity minutes. Everybody adds their minutes towards the community goal and whoever gets the most minutes is eligible for that grand prize.”


“We aren’t the biggest community, but we certainly have a chance to win because that is considered in the total minutes. People can go to the app and track the minutes and where each community is in the contest.”

Giesbrecht says the key thing to do once you’re logged in is to add your minutes and make sure you do it using the Boissevain postal code.

“We aren’t worried about how vigorous the activity is and its about getting out and moving. We’re also involved in a smaller scale challenge with nine other communities in Western Manitoba. It’s a similar challenge and we get points for adding programming and getting people outside and with different age demographics.”