The Municipality of Boissevain-Morton is planning for the future and needs some land as part of that process.

The local council is looking to buy land within about five kilometers of town. Head of Council Judy Swanson says more property is needed to accommodate any future growth. “We’ve come to the realization that we’ve had a couple of people with interests looking for land so we wanted to expand that kind of development and we don’t have the land to do it.”

“We’re just looking to see if anyone is interested in selling some of their land for that type of development.”

Judy Swanson says a couple of things have happened that brought the situation to council's attention.

“I’m not at liberty to discus any of it yet but you know one of them for sure is looking at a bricks and mortar project but there’s no land for them to build on so we need to see what we can do for them.”

“It has the potential for jobs so we want to make sure we’re doing everything we can if these people decide to come” said Judy Swanson.

The municipality would like to buy a quarter section of land but Swanson points out they’d look at all offers with different sizes of land.

“We have space for residential growth and retail but not for any other type of economic business growth” said Judy Swanson.