The municipality of Boissevain-Morton is in the process of acquiring two parcels of land; one being the former Border Town Restaurant along Highway 10 in the center of town.  The second parcel is not too far away, just down the street and south of the Cherry Creek apartments.

Mayor Judy Swanson says the restaurant has been empty for a few years, and the municipality will be putting the building and grounds up for sale.  Swanson says council is hoping to get either one or two businesses in that building, and there is still a lot of the restaurant equipment is still there, and the building is in very good shape.

The second lot of land is the property just south of Cherry Creek, and that could help to expand either Cherry Creek, or could be used by Prairie Mountain Health for future expansion.

"We know that Westview is at the end of its time, and we need to have something to go to the provincial government with, and to go to Prairie Mountain Health with and say we have the land available, it's right here," shares Swanson.

"Land doesn't come up very often, and when it did, it was something that we're not sure which way it's going to expand. But we decided it would be a good investment for the future of health care and the future of Cherry Creek Place," she adds.

Please listen to more with Judy Swanson below!