The ribbon was recently cut on the water tower murals in Boissevain and now the community is waiting for another mural to take shape.

A mural will be painted onto the west facing wall of the new dental office at the corner of Broadway and South Railway in Boissevain.

The Boissevain-Morton Arts Council has commissioned the mural. President Lisa Heide says her group is excited to see another piece of art work going up in town. “We’ve just confirmed with the artist that she’s coming the week of October 7th.”

Heide says this mural is a lot smaller and has fewer logistical challenges and she says it shouldn’t take too many days to complete.

“It depends how she’s going to paint the mural but I’d imagine she would be done in about four day.”

This mural will have a communications theme. “We went with that theme because it’s the old operator building and it’s going to be a picture of a woman whose an operator and n the background there will be other communication things like an old phone booth and kind of a celebration of communications over the last 70 years.”

This will be the last mural for 2022 and Lisa Heide says they’re always looking and dreaming about the next mural.

“We’ll probably look at repainting some of the old ones now and staying away from new murals for a little while.”