The Beckoning Hills Museum in Boissevain is changing hands when it comes to day-to-day operation of the museum.

The board of directors of the museum held a meeting in late December and due to the fact, they are unable to find replacements for some members who were resigning, the entire board resigned as of December 31, 2022.

The museum opened in 1967 and has unique collections and antique items gathered from throughout Boissevain and region. From old fashions, appliances, school items, even a three-room home.

Chair Donna Garland has been a board member since 2010 and she says Beckoning Hills Museum houses 7,000 items. “We only had seven board members and we’re supposed to have more than that, but we couldn’t get anybody to join. We have three people with health issues and the other two aren’t in that good of shape either. You take them off the board and you only have one or two people left.”

Beckoning Hills opened for July and August in 2022.

“This isn’t something we really wanted to do but like I said if you can’t get volunteers, you don’t have any choice. We hope the municip0ality can run it similar to what they do at the Wildlife Museum,” said Donna Garland.

It's too early to say what lies ahead for Beckoning Hills but Donna Garland hopes the door can remain open. “The treasurer and I are meeting with Judy and Leo on Monday to turn over the keys and some of our reports that they need. Maybe we’ll know after that.”