Mid July in Boissevain will be when a number of classes from Boissevain School hold reunions.  

They’re taking place with the Build our Rinks awareness and fundraising events the weekend of July 13th. 

“It started out when me and Deena Clark were going to put together a couple of class reunions and then we thought why don’t we get everyone together from the 1990’s.” said organizer Jason Smith. 

“We thought let’s work with the Build our Rink and all I’m doing is getting ahold of someone from each class including the Class of 2000 and letting them organize their own reunion for that day and we’ll all get together for the social that night.” 

Smith says right now he has eight out of 11 classes committee and he’s confident all the classes will be gathering in mid-July. “If we get 10 to 15 people from each class and if they bring a spouse then we could have more than 300 people come back to town for the reunions.” 


The build our Rink committee is lining up a golf and baseball tournament, pool party at the new aquatic centre and a social to end the day. 

Smith himself is with the Class of ‘95. “You know our class hasn’t got together since graduation so it’s long overdue. It’ll be 29 years this summer and I haven’t seen a lot of my classmates since high school so hopefully lots of people can make it back to town.”