This past weekend, Boissevain held their second annual Streetfest with a terrific response from the public!

Organizing Committee member, Melissa Perkins, says holding the Streetfest in September can create its own set of challenges, but despite of the cool and cloudy day there were many residents and visitors to Boissevain to make the day a huge success!

"We're really pleased for the crowd," explains Perkins.  "We've got a larger perimeter this year for Streetfest, from one end to the other, and there's been people end to end through the entire time, despite the weather," she adds.  "We're really pleased!"

"But it is tricky," she adds with a laugh. "It's a tricky balance when you're trying to predict harvest, and rain or no rain, is it going to be too cold in the streets, you know Manitoba weather!  So far, the first few years its been decided to stick with this mid-September weekend and we'll see how it goes from there!"

There was no doubt this year's Streetfest picked up more traction as South Railway was filled with farmer's market booths, art demonstrations and displays, picnic tables, live entertainment, interactive activities and bouncy castles for kids and more!

"When we started it last year as a first-time event as a reason to come together, to celebrate, discover and re-discover everything we have here as far as our local businesses, artisans, activities and our service groups, it was such a success that we've built and expanded this year," shares Perkins, "and its really grown with some momentum along the way with different groups wanting to become involved and to be a part of the event and that's why you see that we've got a lot more here, just from year 1 to year 2!"

"We've also had incredible sponsorship support that has really made this year's event possible to offer as much as we're offering," she adds.

Having the local merchants host their own version of a sidewalk sale day added to the Saturday event.  "This is just excellent for our businesses and they've really gone the extra mile with what they're offering as well.  It's incredible how this community, everyone comes together.  It's the most genuine sense of community that makes events like these be successful!"